Robert Walters Japan
オープンで風通しの良いオフィスを作りたい、というマネジメントチームの要望をヒントにorigamiというコンセプトでデザインしたRobert Walters Japanの東京オフィス。部屋や什器のコーナーを隅切りしたり、斜めに折り込んだようなデザインはオープンな見通しやスムーズな動線を提供するだけでなく、origamiを表現する重要なデザインエレメントとしても機能している。カラフルなカラースキームもまた折り紙からインスピレーションを得ている。外国から赴任する外国人も多い外資企業だからこそ大切にしているローカル感=日本らしさと、企業の求めるオープンなオフィス像を高いレベルで融合させることを試みた。

Photo: Kaku Ohtaki
Origami, was the design concept given to the Tokyo office of Robert Walters Japan, which was generated from the management team’s request “to create an open office environment with a friendly atmosphere”.
It is represented by the chamfered edge on furniture and cut corners of partition walls, creating unique angles that seem as if they are being folded inside.(as if to fold an origami) These angles stand as important design element to express the concept Origami, as well as create space for smooth circulation and clear view throughout the office.
Not to mention that the rich colour palette applied to the interior is also inspired by Origami.
Our aim of this project was to fuse the following 2 elements at a high degree, “openness” which was the request from the management team, and the feeling of localness or “Japaneseness” which is essential for multinational companies with many international employees.

Photo: Kaku Ohtaki