MISUMIは現在も成長し続けている企業である。その理由には事業や手掛けるプロダクトの品質はもちろんのこと、学びを重視する社風や、フラットな組織構成による一体感、全社への経営哲学の浸透、戦略的な事業への取り組みを挙げることができる。また、社員が自律的に学んでいく姿勢は特徴的であり、ミスミの企業風土の根幹となっている。多様な社員一人ひとりが自ら学び、課題を抽出し、情報を共有し、目標を達成する。ミスミにとってオフィスとは、社員一人一人と会社が常に成⻑し、変化し続ける場なのである。そこで私たちは執務エリアではFront Line(最前線)というコンセプトを掲げ、可動のデスクや造作を多用して活発なコミュニケーションに寄与するワークプレイスづくりを目指した。

Photo: Nacasa & Partners
Head quarters of MISUMI, a company providing mail order services to support factory automation.
The company continues to grow, and what's supporting the growth would not only be limited to the high quality of their products and business. The company culture that values learning, the sense of unity created by the flat organizational structure, the corporate philosophy which is deeply recognized by their employees, strategic approach to their business, they all count for the company's continuous growth. What's outstanding is the enthusiasm of their employees to learn, which has become the basis of MISUMI's corporate culture. A diverse member of the company each proactively learns, identifies issues, shares information, and achieves their own goals. The office for MISUMI, is a place where each and every employees, together with the organization, constantly thrive and evolve.
Therefore, we have designed the office area under the concept of "Front Line". Introducing Hight- adjustable desks and bespoke furniture to encourage active communication.
On the other hand, we have created the visitor area to be simple and timelessly universal, under the concept of "PUBLIC", to showcase the proficiency of the company's products and their management.
The selection of industrial materials such as; stainless steel wall decorations that illustrates the products they offer, a solid and bulky terrazzo counter, and meshed ceiling, express the company's dynamism and its constancy. Additionally, details like the geometric arrangement of the walls, the combination of different materials, the continued pattern created by joints are designed also to exhibit the company's efficiency and reliability. The entrance area is for the visitors to see not only the products but experience the management concept underlying MISUMI.

Photo: Nacasa & Partners