デザインコンセプトは”Communication Planet”。地球上には様々な生き物が群れをなし、暮らしている。サバンナの樹木に寄り添う動物や、サンゴに集まる魚のように、社員同士の距離と関係性に着目し、心地よいセットアップや安心できる居場所を提供することで、社員同士の親密なコミュニケーションを生み出ように考えた。ランダムに並んだデスク、随所に配置されたグリーン、木陰や木立、洞窟やトンネルなど自然をモチーフにした造作をオフィス内にちりばめることによって、充実したコミュニケーションを無意識の内に誘発する。そういったコミュニケーションこそが社員同士の信頼を生み、日々の業務の質を高めるきっかけになるのだ。

Photo: Nacasa & Partners
Mediba offers a wide range of Internet services such as culture, games, and child care, other than providing “au portal site”. au is one of the three largest companies across mobile phone franchisee in Japan.

Mobile phones are one of the social infrastructures. As a company that takes a part in such infrastructure, Mediba has established a design concept based on the theme of “diversity”. It is called "Communication Planet".

Imagine how the creatures survive on the earth. Many of them live in groups. For example, the animals are nestling on trees in Savanna. Fish are gathering on corals.

The goal of their office design project is that the employees improve their relationship and communication skill sets. To achieve it, Mediba adapted those examples into their design concept, and created a similar situation, which is under a comfortable environment with others, in their office. By sprinkling nature-based features such as randomly arranged desks, greens, tree shades, caves and tunnels, it enhances rich communication within the office. Such communication is what gives employees a sense of trust and is a catalyst for improving the quality of day-to-day operations.

Mediba also believes that “communication and respecting set of values and ideas” will further develop diverse culture. Their design concept "Communication Planet” has brought such ideal circumstances and culture, which should be reflected in today’s work environment, into their office.

Photo: Nacasa & Partners