デザインコンセプトは”Communication Planet”。地球上には様々な生き物が群れをなし、暮らしている。サバンナの樹木に寄り添う動物や、サンゴに集まる魚のように、社員同士の距離と関係性に着目し、心地よいセットアップや安心できる居場所を提供することで、社員同士の親密なコミュニケーションを生み出ように考えた。ランダムに並んだデスク、随所に配置されたグリーン、木陰や木立、洞窟やトンネルなど自然をモチーフにした造作をオフィス内にちりばめることによって、充実したコミュニケーションを無意識の内に誘発する。そういったコミュニケーションこそが社員同心の信頼を生み、日々の業務の質を高めるきっかけになるのだ。

Photo: Nacasa & Partners
Merida, a company offering various online services related to culture, gaming and childcare, with their main business being operation of web portal for au, one of the three main mobile phone carriers in Japan.
Mobile phones are now one of the social infrastructure. Merida being a company supporting such infrastructure, we set the design concept under the theme "Diversity". A diversed culture is created by respecting diversed values and ideas. That's the mood we'd like to see in the world today and thus aimed to apply into the office design.
The design concept is "Communication Planet".
On our planet Earth, various species are living in forms of groups. In savanna, animals huddle together by a tree. In the ocean, fish gather to the corals. Likewise, to generate friendly communication amongst the employees, we carefully observed the relationship within the organization and designed to create comforting settings and cozy spots.
Workstations are randomly located and plants are distributed across the floorplate. By implementing elements inspired by natural motifs such as leafy shade of trees, groves, caves and tunnels, workers are instinctively provoked to communicate. Such comunication will build trust and engagement between employees, leading them to a better work experience.

Photo: Nacasa & Partners