Logistics Building

Photo: Nacasa & Partners
Design of the entrance and cafeteria for a logistic warehouse company, of whose business is increasing immensely due to the strong demand from the e-commerce industry. The dynamic scale of the warehouse could be made a charm depending on the design, but also has a risk of becoming plain and extinct. Therefore we have given the cafeteria a concept of “yokocho”(an alley, off from the main streets, often with small stores and restaurants on both sides) and randomly placed “yagura”-like wooden frames throughout the large open space. By doing so, the huge open space has been narrowed down to a more humanized scale.
Selection of the material and the bright color scheme adds warmth to this cafeteria space and on the wall there stands an illustrated map of the local Sayama area.
All the design and function are arranged in attempt to engage and attract the employees in every way possible.

Photo: Nacasa & Partners