Photo: Kengaku Tomooki
This is a workplace for Japan based animation company. The project concept is “Alice in wonderland”.
Their passionate fans are watching their contents enthusiastically. We received the idea from that, we designed this workplace where they can be absorbed in their work.There are many bright colored walls and rounded motifs in the office. It is a bit strange for normal workplaces. However, it reflects the concept of “wonderland”.

This atmosphere enables them to focus on their work. They feel like losing their track of time in this office.The project started to move from a small office to a new office.Although it was a competition that required proposals in a limited amount of time, our design was adopted by a layout that focused on how clients needed to work and a design taste that was different from the existing office.This client is creating an unprecedented animation by owning a special facility called Motion Capture Studio.Because of this, it was necessary to prepare a special room such as a motion capture studio or a soundproof recording studio, so it was necessary to realize the design concept while handling equipment constraints and cost constraints well.However, close communication with clients and construction companies allowed us to build an office without compromising the original design image of the competition.After the opening, a party with various parties was held, and it was also shown how to use this office.Content on the Internet is growing and it is also necessary to secure human resources to support the content. Not only does the impressive design increase the satisfaction of the people working in this office, it also contributes to securing human resources.

Dezeen Award 2019 Long listed
Photo: Kengaku Tomooki