Photo: Second Wind
Design of a project room area for Hakuhodo group. Company’s mission being "Generating a different solution for the society by creativity",project rooms for a company creating value with perspective which is not necessarily right, but completely new, the spaces are required to be inspiring. At the same time, the rooms need to be plain in design with no influence of any particular companies since they will be used by various clients. By the window side is an open area for quick huddles and breaks, with the colour toned in beige to create a cozy atmosphere. We have given 2 design keywords to this space; “Haptic” as in visually and tactually inspiring, and “Gap” as in creating difference. Steps are built throughout the space and rooms are equipped with small objects and wall decorations. These items are to be used to decorate the rooms to represent each project during the term of use. Additionally, different finishes are applied wherever there is a step for zoning and creating gaps within a limited space.

Photo: Second Wind