Logistics Building







Photo: Nacasa & Partners
Goodman is the world's leading logistics and real estate company headquartered in Australia. It is the design of a new logistics facility handled by Goodman Japan.

While many logistics warehouses produce luxury at the hotellike entrance, the design of places such as employee canteen which employment staff usually use is neglected.

In this warehouse, we use industrial elements such as expressions of raw iron, concrete of cedar formwork, perforated folding board, pendant light used in warehouse from old days, in the scale unique to warehouse, I directed it like a warehouse. Furthermore, by using corporate colors and large graphics as an accent, images that are fresh and dynamic are also coexisting, while directing Goodman's appearance.

Photo: Nacasa & Partners

I thought that it would be an attractive logistics warehouse if I could reconsider the function and space of the warehouse and incorporate the original image of warehouse such as industrial and modern into sophisticated design. While the warehouse is a warehouse-like design, I wanted to create a facility that would be proud of those people working there with attractive designs.

The shortage of workers due to the economic boom is a problem in all industries and business types, and logistics facilities are no exception.

In this warehouse we are developing aiming to improve the workability and comfort of people working internally and it is highly appreciated by tenants that an attractive environment for workers working here leads to easy access to talented personnel There.

We consistently captured the powerfulness based on industrial material use and modern and sophisticated impressions in all facilities. In the entrance and the elevator hall, dynamic design utilizing the scale feeling unique to the warehouse is made, and in the cafeteria, we design warm designs that many people relax and easy to spend and design distinctive areas. The design of the building facade also adopts impressive stripes while harmonizing with the surrounding environment.

Photo: Nacasa & Partners